Frank Usher Shocking Pink shirred boob tube and frilled, wrap front evening skirt in tafetta.


This two piece suit is truly 80s-tastic!  Pure glamour!

Frank Usher Shocking Pink Boob Tube and Frilled Evening Skirt

  • The two piece suit comprises of a shirred boob tube top and matching evening skirt.  The skirt has a frilled edge, dips to the ankle at the back and curves to the waistband at the front, fastening is covered by a little taffeta tie.

    In my professional opinion, this two piece is a sample or was designed for a private client.  There are a number of hand stitched elements to this design that would have been machine stitched.

    Garment Measurements (measured flat):

    Boob Tube:

    Bust: 34cm (relaxed)

    Back to Hem: 36cm




    Waist: 35cm

    Hip: 61cm

    Waist to Hem (longest point):  114cm

    Waist to Hem (shortest point):  78cm